Ai Weiwei in France

This well-known Chinese artist is also socially and politically engaged. He showed his outrage at the treatment of refugees with a picture of himself on a beach in the same position as the drowned Syrian child that shocked the entire world. However this didn’t stop him from exposing his works at the fashionable shopping house Bon Marché or at Fondation Louis Vuitton.

Don’t kill the messenger

An international conference about the safety of journalists was held at UNESCO, in Paris, on 5 February 2016. They are kidnapped, attacked and murdered on a scale never seen before. To show a press card isn’t a guarantee anymore, rather the opposite. What are the security measures available? That was the question of the day.

True story: three generations and Egypt in all its colours

Three Ladies in Cairo is a combined memoir and a historical walk in a country that’s quickly changing character under the time it takes for three generations of Swedes to live there. It’s a historical novel where Egypt plays the leading role. Everything is thoroughly researched including everything that touches upon relations between Sweden and Egypt, like the Rosetta stone, the Vikings and the painter Anders Zorn and of course the three ladies that the beautiful title suggests.