Why Emil Bührle’s collection is unique

The answer may be found at Musée Maillol, in Paris, where the collection is shown until the end of July. Follow me along a special journey where a man refuted his dark past and emerged anew.

Parisians are praying for their Cathedral

Easter week had just started when smoke emerged from Notre Dame – one of France’s most important symbols. Thanks to the 400 firemen and 18 water canons that were quick to arrive, the Cathedral’s structure and two towers were saved. However, its sceptre along with many inestimable art works, were lost forever in the flames.

Here’s looking at you

That’s the name of this interesting exhibition at Sven-Harry’s Museum in Stockholm. The famous film director Hoyte van Hoytema had been given the difficult task of choosing 199 photographs from some three thousand pictures of the Hasselblad foundation’s collection. The result was astonishing.

French gastronomy is spreading worldwide

Despite Scandinavians winning 2019 Boccus d’Or’s – the gastronomic “Olympic games” – best prizes, tourists don’t come to Scandinavia for that reason. One third of France’s tourists visit instead this country for its food. The French encourage that trend by organizing a yearly international gastronomic festival: Goût de France. It starts on 21 March 2019 and takes place all over the world. I attended their media conference in Paris.