Interactive art

An innovative way to discover art, through sound and light, is spreading in France. It started a few years ago in Provence’s low mountains, Les Alpilles, situated in the South. This innovation is lately also making a buzz in Paris.

An art museum in Palestine

Elias Sanbar, UNESCO’s Palestinian Ambassador, presented in March 2018, a project that may seem unrealistic: a future museum in Jerusalem.

The Contemporary and Modern Association of Art in Palestine has together with its partner, IMA (Institut du Monde Arabe) in Paris, started to collect works of art for this undertaking.

Engaged photography

Three prized contemporary photographers are displayed at the prestigious Parisian Contemporary Museum, Centre Pompidou. David Goldblatt, from South Africa, presented the works of his Fatherland; while Broomberg & Chanarin, from London and Berlin respectively exhibit a different but complimentary photographic style.