From Maoris holy stones to Picasso’s primitivism

New Zealand’s indigenous population, the Maoris, were the first to arrive to Aotearoa – i.e. New Zealand. One of Quai Branly’s exhibitions in Paris is about their holy stone. The other is about Picasso’s inspiration from Africa. The Museum has a huge collection from exotic places. It’s unique in its genre with an outer wall entirely covered in greenery, a garden with unusual plants and a building that looks like a gigantic anaconda stretching along the Seine.

Who is France’s new President?

A star is born – that’s how Emmanuel Macron must have felt after the votes were counted. Just three years ago, he was still a relatively unknown politician. His central party – La République en Marche – was created only one year ago. Apparently the French were weary of both the traditional right and left parties.