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With Fabian Edelstam in Brussels

Fabian Edelstam exhibited his paintings in Brussels, October 2013, at the Hotel Stanhope with the Swedish Ambassador Ulrika Sundberg : “The Europeans”. Paintings and guests: 

A meeting between two famous writers

Alaa el-Aswany – the author of Yacoubian’s building – came to Paris to present his last novel and to explain to the somewhat bewildered Frenchmen Egypt’s latest developments. Together with another great author, Gilbert Sinoué, he held a conference at the French-Egyptian society. In the meantime events are continuing to unfold in Egypt.

How safe is Paris for women?

An increase in violence and aggressions against women have these past years led to several new courses in self-defense for women in France. I went to one of those to find out about the safety situation in one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.

FIAC 2013: Paris Contemporary Art Fair

Aurélie Filippetti – the elegant French Minister of Culture – took her time to go around and visit most contemporary art stands at Grand Palais.

Jennifer Flay – FIAC’s Director – had seen to it that the level of the art shown during this 40th jubilee was good enough to compete with other international art fairs especially the very estimated Basel one.