Freedom of speech and the price to pay

The French satircal magazine Charlie Hebdo has again stirred up feelings. Demonstrations in the Arab world had just started to calm down after the riots around a controversial film about the Prophet Mohammed, that the magazine published new satirical drawings about fanatical Muslims.

Rebellious women

Presidents’ wives who continue with their own careers and wives who become presidents that’s a new order of things: Eleanor Roosevelt was one of these, Valérie Trierweiler – the French President Hollande’s companion – another and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – Africa’s first woman president – a third.

Egypt visits Tullgarn – a Swedish castle

This 18th century old castle, situated at the outskirts of Stockholm, has been recently renovated. The well-kept furnished rooms are in neo-classical style. Tullgarn’s reopening was celebrated with an exhibition of the late Swedish Queen Victoria’s pictures from her stay in Egypt. They are reminiscent of another era before the impact of mass-tourism and fundamentalism.