Egyptian folkloric dance

The joyful Egyptians love their dance and music that has prevailed since historical times. Every feast is an occasion to cheer. This year, 2015, the well-known dancer, musician and composer, Hassaan Saber, has opened the first Egyptian folkloric dance school of its kind. He’s also employed by UNESCO and has written a book about these traditions.

Feminism in Egypt

The Swedish Ambassador in Cairo, Ms Charlotta Sparre, organized a women’s conference at the residence, end of October 2015 to emphasize the importance of gender equality in the Middle East. These questions have been pondering since the Egyptians’ rise against the British colonialists in the 20th century.

Latest news from the Pharaohs

Is there another hidden yet undiscovered room within the Pyramids? That’s but one of the questions a team of international researchers are setting out to answer. In another location, South of Aswan, newly discovered reliefs and objects, fascinate the archaeologists. In Fayoum, an open-air museum just opened and the Egyptian Museum is under restoration.