Prince Eugene – the Swedish Royal artist

Waldemarsudde, the Prince’s castle, situated in one of Stockholm’s largest parks, is a jewel in itself. Prince Eugene not only a painter in his own right was also a sponsor for other artists. Continuously, exhibitions are shown in this beautiful place.

Nobel’s visit to Paris

The day preceding the Nobel banquet – yearly on December 10 – Paris and the Swedish Club welcomed Lennart Nobel who foretold about his family’s amazing destiny. Alfred Nobel wrote his final testament,  in November 27, 1895, at the desk still standing there – in what’s now called the “Nobel-room”.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

This passionate couple’s life is impossible to dissociate from each other. Their works of art are exhibited side by side at the Orangerie in Paris until mid-January 2014. The rather dormant museum has undergone a recent face-lift and it reopened its doors with bravura!

Romance in Paris

An ancient palace – the Musée Jacquemart André – in Paris is currently showing romantic paintings from the Victorian era. The tenderly and poetically portrayed women might seem a bit passé in our modern times but how was that art-form perceived during those days? That’s a discovery that might come as a surprise to some visitors.