Loneliness and Art

This spring Nathalia Edenmont’s unique

pictures are shown at Sven-Harry’s, an art museum in Stockholm, at an exhibition called ”Only me”.

Le Pen dynasty

The French extreme-right leader, Jean-Marie le Pen, is a self-made man who has managed to climb the political ladder. His party, Le Front National, currently scores over 30 % of the votes and is thus in the forefront to win EU’s parliamentarian elections. However, is he really interested in governing or is he just interested in his own dynasty?

Will satire save Egypt?

Since Pharaoh’s times sarcasm has been used to criticize both society and government. Egyptians are known for their sense of humour despite decades of dictatorships, censorships, terror acts and lately even bombs. If satire is enough to create real changes is written in the stars though.