Egypt and its street-art

IMG_0146Since the Egyptian revolution in 2011, street-art – previously inexistent – has become people’s way to express themselves. Slogans, political stands, outrages… are painted on the walls everywhere. In a country where the large majority still live under very poor conditions, many being illiterate, censorship prevailing with tortures and jail for political activists and critics, corruption is rampant and the situation for women and minorities is one of the world’s worse places, art is a way to escape and to express discontent.

An unusual visit

In Stockholm this summer, 13 indigenous grandmothers called for an international meeting. This colourful international council of elderly women from different countries and tribes see as their duty to pray for the earth and for coming generations. 

Fashion illustrations

At Millesgården, in Stockholm, Mats Gustafson’s retrospective was worth the detour. It was an unusual exhibition as fashion is usually illustrated with photographs. Interesting because it showed another more personal view of fashion but then Mats’ illustrations are so much more than fashion. They are pieces of art.