Gardens at Grand Palais

This exhibition at Paris Grand Palais concentrates on gardens as seen from different perspectives - jewelry, ceramics, installations, paintings, photographs - from Renaissance until contemporary times. The thematic tour takes the visitor on an interesting stroll with the garden conceived as artistic construction as much as a botanic experience. The show promotes it as an art form and it's creators as artists. 

Flowers and Insects, Daniel Rabel, 1624

Mary Dellany; Sea Daffodils, 1778


Louis Auzoux, Chrysanthème, 1797, papier mâché and steel

Henry Matisse, 1953, Acanthes

Jan Brughel, château de Mariemont, 1612

Ernest Quost, Roses

Pablo Picasso, Nu dans un Jardin, 1934

Gerhard Richter, Jour d'été, 1999, huile.

Emil Nolde, Jardins en Fleurs, 1934

Jean-Michel Othoniel, Grotto Azzuro, 2017

Anne Edelstam, Paris


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